About Us


It's all because of the understanding for pursuing the premium life

Whether it's rest at home, family-entertainment, or going out to work, business trips, friends' gatherings, and doing light sports, to be as a decent man, it is all in a hope to enjoy the comfort and delicate brought by quality experience. And it all comes down to every single refined detail.

Since launching in 2016, OXYZONE has grown to represent an increasingly broad vision for men’s style, with the biggest names in Premium range of Shirts, Trousers, T-shirts, Accessories, Innerwear, Socks. Our world-class offering of designer but basic cloths are made by only premium & luxury fabrics.

Our OXYZONE Family

We are a young men’s lifestyle brand about 50 people, has been specialized in super premium & luxury fabric since 2016. Through continuous updating and improvement, experienced hard and long design, we had finally got the perfect finished product as we dreamed of, which makes all our efforts valuable.

What Makes OXYZONE Better ?

Details are designed to meet the high-level needs of different scenarios

In OXYZONE, what we care about is, the best quality standard with just the right details in premium experience of wearing for men, superb soft fabric for 'second-skin' touch, the most suitable cut for body fit, ergonomically designed garments, the advanced knit and workmanship for added comfort, just in order to make sure of every single detail perfectly brings the decent stylish into life.


• Details in fabric and cutting

• High-quality fabrics and refined fitting meet the pursuit of comfort for high-quality men.

• Details in design and workmanship, Basic but not ordinary design, with the process in line with actual wearing habits, which fully matches the personal preferences of decent man.

About Design

Keep adding the delicacy to premium life

Stay the same vision of meeting the extreme comfort needs of daily life, focus on quality and details, let every man have his own premium life and become a decent man.

Our designers continue to introduce fashionable elements of the season, whether it is a wide metallic belt, the impact of stitching and contrasting colors in alignment of international fashion trends. They can bring people a unique visual feast, working hard for the comfort and luxury of men!

About Fabric

Our fabrics are mainly divided into :

Bamboo fiber - it comes from the well-known domestic fabric brand "Tianzhu Bamboo Fiber", which has natural antibacterial, anti-mites, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions.

Modal-Birla Modal is the ultimate in softness and fluidity combines with enduring strength and superb performance. which is tighter and softer than the ordinary modal fabric. In addition, the fibre is derived from a 100% renewable natural resource, allowing it to biodegrade and fully return to nature. Birla Modal blends beautifully with other fibres and fulfils the age-old demand of combining fashion with function.

Super Combed Cotton-The cotton fabric is a high-quality cotton material that has been removed by a comber. It is long and neat. The general fibre length is more than 25mm. It is far superior to other ordinary materials in terms of softness, colouring, and toughness.

Quick Dry-Most quick-dry fabrics are made from nylon, polyester, or merino wool. The fabric use uniquely “X” shaped cross-section fibre, combined with high absorption technology that sweat and moisture can be pulled away from skin very quickly and transmitted to fabric surface; also helps to diffuse on the fabric surface much wider/faster, enable sweat easy for air-dry to prevent clothes sticking to the body.

Supima Cotton -Not all cottons are created equal. Supima cotton is a superior type of cotton grown in the USA, twice as strong as regular cotton. It represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. What makes Supima unique to other cottons is the extra-long staple fibre that gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention. The longer fibre resists pilling, breaking and tearing resulting in fashion and home products that are incredibly resilient and keep their form for a longer-lasting product.

Our Version

To pursue maximum comfort and non-sensation. We are based on ergonomic tailoring. The selection and inspection of fabrics are even more delicate to the point of strictness, and we strive to be sterile and healthy.

For a long time, OXYZONE firmly guides consumers to take good care of their own body and the body of their family members, focusing on the perfect feeling in their hearts.

Details are the best annotations for men

OXYZONE controls every detail with our heart to show quality, and interpret more humanized life wisdom in every inch. At the same time, it also advocates the rational return of underwear demand, rejects luxurious elaborations, and pursues neat and comfortable.

Our Service

Never Satisfied

OXYZONE makes every effort to improve our product by doing the best in fabric selecting, designing and manufacturing. If it is not the best, it is nothing. And there is always room for improvement. We listen carefully to voices from our customers and make changes accordingly. Launching a product is only the beginning, it will make its way to perfection with the help of our critical customers who recognize and prioritize quality and are always questioners. We strive to create amazing products that are perfect in their eyes.

High Quality With A Fair Price

We are on a mission to democratise luxury in India.

We are brave enough to be creative but we do not follow the trend. We do not want to lead the trend but we want to be classic. For that reason, we do not produce a "new" series every season. Instead, we spend time perfecting them before they are launched.

OXYZONE keeps money on marketing a minimum and you may find our products on the Internet or selective retailers only. All this results in high-quality products with a fair price. Our marketing strategy is word of mouth. What our customers paying for is our products, not the advertisement.

By eliminating unnecessary & Sophistical overheads & expenses so that end customers can enjoy ultimate luxury by paying the price of average products.

Thus, we save !